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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions - we’ve got answers. If you've got questions - we've got answers.
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answer » « close 1:   I can't decide on which size of Little Giant Ladder I need. What size do you recommend?
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It is difficult to recommend a particular size of the Little Giant because everyone has different needs. Look over the following size comparisons and you should get a good idea which Little Giant Ladder System might work best for you. If you're still not sure which size you should get, remember that it is better to overestimate your ladder height needs, because you can always shorten a longer Little Giant ladder if you need to. The same can't be said of a ladder which is too short. 99% of all Little Giant ladders which are returned to us are to exchange for the next bigger size. Don't let this happen to you.


The Model 13 is perfect for a small 1 story house.
Extension Height: 7'-11'     Stepladder Height: 3'-5'     Scaffolding Height: up to 3'     Storage Height: 3'7"     Percentage of Sales: 10%

The Model 17 is perfect for a 1 or 1 1/2 story house.
Extension Height: 9'-15'     Stepladder Height: 4'-7'     Scaffolding Height: up to 4'     Storage Height: 4'7"     Percentage of Sales: 35%

The Model 22 is perfect for a 2 story house.
Extension Height: 11'-19'     Stepladder Height: 5'-9'     Scaffolding Height: up to 5'     Storage Height: 5'7"     Percentage of Sales: 35%

The Model 26 is perfect for a 2 1/2 story house.
Extension Height: 13'-23'     Stepladder Height: 6'-11'     Scaffolding Height: up to 6'     Storage Height: 6'7"     Percentage of Sales: 20%

answer » « close 2:   Why is the Little Giant Model 17 only 15 feet high in the extension position?

This is how OSHA classifies all extension ladders, and is common among all brands of ladders. They take a measurement of all the ladder sections laid end to end, and classify the ladder as that height of extension ladder. So, a typical 24 foot extension ladder really isn't 24 measured feet high, but rather the length of the combined ladder sections. When you take into account the necessary overlap of each adjacent ladder section, you lose some of the ladder height. There are other criteria involved in designating the model height of a particular ladder, but basically this is how OSHA has established a standard in labeling extension ladders. More information can be found at OSHA's website.

answer » « close 3:   What’s the difference between the Type IAA, Type IA 'Original', Type IA and Type I ?

The Type IAA is the most Heavy Duty Little Giant Ladder.. It meets the OSHA 375lb, Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Rating for ladders. Based on the original Type IA Little Giant, the Type IAA uses thicker gauge aluminum and extra bracing to achieve the increased workload capacity. This is an incredibly tough ladder! The Type IAA Little Giant ladder system is an excellent choice for the most heavy duty industrial use, construction work, or for the demanding homeowner seeking an incredibly tough ladder. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


The Type IA is the "Classic" Little Giant Ladder, having been in production since 1972 now features Tip & Glide™ Wheels and the Triple Locking Hinge the Type IA ladder Model 17 #10102LG is the same size model “AS SEEN ON TV”. It meets the OSHA Type IA 300lb, Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Rating for ladders. The Type IA "Classic" multipurpose ladder is engineered to be a rugged ladder built for incredible durability and maximum weight limits. Expect this to be one tough ladder, designed for years of dependable service. The Type IA "Classic" ladder is an excellent choice for heavy commercial use, household use, or for the demanding person seeking a rock solid versatile ladder. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Type IA "Classic" telescoping ladders make up over 75% of Little Giant Ladder sales. It's by far our best seller! You WON'T be disappointed with this ladder!


The Type I Little Giant Ladder system is the medium duty model, introduced in the fall of 2001. The Type I meets the OSHA 250lb Duty Rating for ladders. The Type I Wing ladder is an excellent choice for light commercial or household use. It also comes with a Lifetime warranty.


Which one should I get? It depends on the needs of the person using the ladder. If strength, ruggedness, and durability at a reasonable price are the major factors in purchasing a ladder, then the Type IA Little Giant should be the ladder of choice. If lower cost and the weight of the ladder are the major factors in purchasing a ladder, then the Type I would be a right choice. Over the years most people come to the same decision, that the Type IA is the best value, hands down! This is why we "Highly Recommend" it. The second choice would be the Type I Little Giant Ladder. As mentioned the Type IAA Little Giant Ladder system is the most Heavy Duty Little Giant ladder, the average person tends to consider it as "overkill" for their ladder needs. But which ever ladder you choose, you can be assured you will receive the highest quality, most versatile ladder on the market today, the Little Giant Ladder!

answer » « close 4.   Do you have an instructional DVD of the Little Giant Ladders?

No, An instructional video is available on this web site for everything made by Little Giant; please go back to our home page to view instructional videos. These videos cover the basics on the proper operation of all Little Giant products. Some dealers offer an instructional DVD for the ladder you purchase. We offer online “FREE” to everyone instructional videos for all Little Giant products. Simply click on our home page for all videos. Upon your receipt of your Little Giant product you will receive a complete instruction booklet and Warranty information specific to your ladder or accessory.

answer » « close 5.   How competitive are your prices on Wing ladders?

Little Giant Solutions - the manufacturer of the Little Giant Ladder System has posted a MAP price (Minimum Advertised Price) on many of their products. But, browsing the Internet you are likely to find slightly different prices from web site to web site. Ladder Depot will, match or beat any advertised price from any authorized Little Giant Dealer. Ladder Depot will also offer quantity discounts based on your needs. Before making the decision where to buy your ladder, may we suggest that you look at the company's profile. Find out if the company has a physical address, phone etc. How long has this company been in business? Is this an authorized Little Giant dealer? Does this company have any knowledge of the ladder they are selling? Does the company offer parts and service? We are absolutely positive Ladder Depot is your best choice. Our parent company, Sunset Ladder Co. Inc., in business since 1929, is far ahead of our competitors! Simply try calling any of our competitors, then call 1-800-660-1311 and speak to one of our sales team members. We know all about Little Giant ladders as well as all other types of ladders. Please take a look at our parent company web site at

answer » « close 6.   How do I place an order at Little Giant Ladder Depot?

Easy. Once you decide on the Little Giant products you would like to order, you may use our Secure Server to complete the transaction online. You can also call, mail or fax your order form or pick the ladder personally at one of our two locations. You must mention this web site or bring a coupon to receive all internet promotions!

answer » « close 7.   What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Personal/Company Checks, or Money Orders.

answer » « close 8.   How do you ship orders? How long does it take to receive Little Giant Ladders?

All of Little Giant ladders are shipped free freight in the continental United States. Your order will ship via FED-EX ground unusually within 2 business days. Our sales managers have vast variety of methods to serve you the most efficient way. Expedited shipping is available.


If you need to specify other way of shipping please contact us here before placing the order.

answer » « close 9.   How are the Little Giant ladders shipped?

All Little Giant ladder products are shipped in corrugated boxes to help protect the contents during transit. All Little Giant ladders, accessories, and planks are shipped fully assembled, with the exception of the Wall Standoff, which requires minimal assembly. Included with each Little Giant Ladder are an owner’s manual, which contains important information regarding the proper usage of your ladder, and a warranty card which can be filled out and mailed in to activate the warranty. Each ladder has been personally inspected at the factory to ensure the highest quality. Orders may be sent in multiple shipments resulting in multiple delivery dates.

answer » « close 10.   What about shipping charges?

All of our products are shipped free freight in the continental United States.


We also offer discounted shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and other destinations (usually between $80 - $120 extra air freight to AK and HI) depending on the size of ladder and the final destination. Contact us here for more information on our discounted freight charges outside the Continental US.


NEW "Rush shipping" option (10 business hours) is now available on most items for additional charge. Rush orders received by PM 2:30 Pacific time will be shipped out via customer selected method from one of our warehouses the same business day. Customers are provided with tracking information immediately after it's submitted to UPS system.

answer » « close 11.   What about sales tax?

Ladder Depot pays all applicable Sales tax, the price you see on the web site is your total price.

answer » « close 12.   What type of warranty does each Little Giant telescoping ladder have?

Type I, Type IA and Type IAA Little Giant Ladders all has a Lifetime Warranty. Skyscraper ladders have a 5 year warranty. Fiberglass and Little Jumbo safety Stepladders each carry a 1 year warranty, as do all ladder accessories. Each ladder is shipped with a warranty card which can be mailed in, which activates the warranty. Demo models carry a 5 year warranty by default and come without warranty registration card.

answer » « close 13.   What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day money-back guarantee on our products which are returned in resalable condition. If not returned in resalable condition, a restocking fee of up to 25% will be charged, depending on the condition of the ladder. The condition of the ladder will be determined by a representative of Little Giant Ladder Depot upon receiving the ladder.


Returning a ladder for a refund: If returning a ladder for a refund, the return freight charge will be paid by the customer, as well as the freight charge of originally sending out the ladder. In other words, to return a ladder for credit, the customer pays for 2 freight charges. The "free freight" offer does not apply if the ladder is returned for refund. Freight charges tend to be very expensive, (approximately $20-$80 for UPS ladders each way, and $100-$195 common carrier ladders each way, depending on the size of ladder and the final destination) so be sure you know what you are getting, and the correct size you need. Returning a ladder is expensive. If you are unsure as to what ladder is right for you, please call us at 1-800-660-1311 and we can help.


Exchanging for a different size: If returning a ladder to exchange for a different size, the customer will be responsible for paying the original freight for that ladder, as well as the return freight charge. The replacement ladder will then be shipped free freight. In other words, the purchase of 1 ladder entitles you to only 1 free freight. The "free freight" offer does not apply to each ladder being shipped out. It's best to just make sure you know exactly which model will suit your needs before you initially place your order. Orders which are cancelled after it has shipped or shipments which are refused by the customer are subject to freight charges being added. 99% of all ladders which are returned to us are to exchange for the next bigger size. The Model 13's are the most common returned size. It is best to buy the next size larger if you have any doubt.


If returning a ladder, a return authorization number is required, or it will not be accepted. To get return authorization, please call our Corporate Office at (800)660-1311, or (626)575-4626; fax us at (626)575-0758; or email us here . The credit amount for the refund will be paid by check, or if the purchase was made by a credit card, the credit card will be credited, less any freight charges.

answer » « close 14.   What if I need replacement parts for my Little Giant Ladder?

We stock all genuine replacement parts for Little Giant Ladders so you get you the exact part you need to service your ladder. We can also repair your Little Giant Ladder in our repair shop. Email us here and we will get back to you.

answer » « close 15.   Explain the "Buy 1, Get 23 Free!" thing?

This is an interesting and lighthearted way to look at the versatility of the Little Giant Ladder. When you buy a typical ladder, you are only getting "one" ladder. When you buy a Little Giant Ladder, it's like getting 23 because A model M17 Little Giant ladder will configure into 23 different and useful positions.


Bulk Ladder Pricing Available — Call (800) 660-1311

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